Best Portable Whole House Dehumidifiers Reviews

A person that struggles with moisture congestion inside their home knows the difficulty that he/she has to face. And too much of moisture can lead to the growth of germs as well as odour. So, to obtain a healthy surrounding, whole house dehumidifiers are installed. Designed in a way that solves all these problems of moisture, debris, mould, odour etc, the dehumidifiers even keep your furniture safe. However, so users complain about the annoying sound produced by the dehumidifier. So, the modern-day dehumidifier must also conduct a silent operation.

Well, the factors that must be considered before making the most important decision are many. But a maximum percentage of the populace knows nothing about the determining factors. Thus, the best buy dehumidifier review will assist you to come to the right decision.

Table of the Best Whole House Dehumidifiers Reviews

10. Pro Breeze PB-03-US Compact Electric Mini Dehumidifier for Basement, Damp Air & Moisture in Home

Whole House Dehumidifiers

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Most of humanity lives near the coast and it’s obviously going to be a bit humid if the sea is nearby. With this compact as well as light whole house dehumidifier and air purifier from Pro Breeze, you can keep your room dry and free from the uncomfortable excess moisture. Not just coastal cities but damp areas in your house can make great use of this humidifier too. With its impressive extraction capacity of 18 ounces each day your basement, garage and wardrobe are kept dry and fresh.

Moreover, you won’t be hearing the annoying sound that filtration devices come with. It is super quiet and has a very low impact on your energy bill. And it is all cause of the Thermo-electric cooling technology aids in doing so. It even has a big enough water tank to last a couple of days before you need to empty it.

Key features

  • Indicator light displays when tank capacity has reached the maximum limit.
  • Has an auto-shutdown feature too.
  • The water tank can hold more than 52 ounces.

9. Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-Pint Industrial Dehumidifier

Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-Pint Industrial Dehumidifier

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As a matter of fact, it has an ingenious technology that filters air moisture and keeps your place dry as well as refreshing. It pulls in air and runs it through a cool coil that condenses the water vapour as well as collects it in a bucket. Expensive wooden furniture is really prone to bacteria and moulds. To avoid that, you can use this amazing device at your home and be free from germ build up. It has the capacity of drawing out 50 pints of moisture each day and if you can attach it to drainage outlet it can perform endlessly.

Furthermore, the water container in this filter has easy access and you get an indicator which tells you of the collected moisture. So welcome your guests to a room that is free from odours. For more added convenience, you can also adjust the humidity percentage in your room. And the low-temperature operation promises to be energy saving.

Key features

  • Portable due to multiple handles and caster wheels.
  • Comes with an antibacterial mesh home dehumidifier filter.
  • Long 6-feet power cord.

8. Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

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It’s one of the most compact and affordable dehumidifying units that you can find in the market. First of all, it’s so small that you can hold it with one hand and so affordable yet reliable that a nice dinner costs more. Also, it is designed to prevent dampening in small closets, under the sync and other such small spaces up to 333 cubic feet. Thus, the whole house mini dehumidifier’s placement will not be a matter of concern.

Plus, it is spill proof and has a design that is safe for both your children and pets. It uses small silica gel beads to trap extra moisture from the area. Once it reaches top capacity just place it in a well-ventilated area to release the moisture from the crystals.

Key features

  • Requires no power.
  • Creates no noise.
  • Lasts for weeks before all the gels become full with moisture.

7. InvisiPure Hydrowave Portable Small Quiet Dehumidifier for Home & Bathroom

InvisiPure Hydrowave Portable Small Quiet Dehumidifier for Home & Bathroom

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One of the most compact, yet very efficient dehumidifier in the market that is best suited for small spaces in your home and office. It implements the use of Peltier dehumidification and draws in humid air to release dry and cool air. Bacteria, mould and mildew thrive in excess moisture. To avoid that kind of situation in your room this light device sucks out 800ml of moisture each day.

If you want constant moisture removal you can attach a ⅜ inch hose to the tank for drainage. You don’t have to worry about being alert for emptying the water tank. It will shut down itself when it hits the full capacity of your tank. Besides being light in weight, the tank can be removed at any point in time.

Key features

  • Has a coverage range of around 300 feet.
  • The 2 litres capacity of the water tank is indeed huge.
  • Works with a normal household voltage of 120V.

6. Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Safe Dehumidifier Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Safe Dehumidifier

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The best thing about this humidifier is its efficiency and power saving capabilities. It is certified by Energy Star and build with a design that is eco-friendly. You can experience the smoothest movement with this dehumidifier due to the wheels at the bottom and embedded handles. Just plug it in and power it on. You will have a very user-friendly control system with easy to read LED display.

Further, one can just adjust fan speeds, clock timer and more from this control panel. To help the user out more, one can read the humidity levels in any part of the world since it displays results in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Besides the 1.3 gallon humidifier, it features auto-defrost as well as auto-restart. Also, the homemade dehumidifier is energy-saving as it promotes Eco-Efficiency.

Key features

  • The filter can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Can control humidity levels up to 4500 square feet.
  • In humid months it can pull out 70 pints of water vapour each day.

5. Tosot 70-Pint Home Dehumidifier with Pump for Basements

Tosot 70-Pint Home Dehumidifier with Pump for Basements

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The best part about this dehumidifier is Tosot’s internal pump which is available in selected few models. It uses a quick connect hose so the need for any kind of tools is eliminated. Just holding down the grey ring area at the connection point allows you to remove the plug or connect the hose.

Further, the internal pump can now send water that the device has collected from the air to your drainage. Also, the whole house dehumidifier’s quiet operation adds to the benefits. The machine is also incredibly quiet with a maximum sound of just over 50 decibels. So you will barely notice it while it works its magic.

Along with the LED display, one can even adjust the speed of the fan, set a timer plus even offers consistent draining.

Key features

  • Extremely energy efficient with an EER rating of 2.0.
  • Filter light reminds you for clean up when needed.
  • Settings are saved and it works the same way after a power outage.

4. Powilling 5500 Cubic Feet RV Bathroom Dehumidifier with Drain Hose Powilling 5500 Cubic Feet RV Bathroom Dehumidifier with Drain Hose

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Highly humid places are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs which triggers your allergies. So you will be delighted to see how efficiently Powilling’s dehumidifier works. It doesn’t work with a compressor and saves a lot on your energy bill. Plus, it consumes very low power about 90 watts to keep your rooms free from mould and dust mites.

You can even set the exact humidity percentage you want in your room. Coming with a light indicator, the Thermo-electric Peltier technology makes it a pretty advanced piece and the LED display help to have a clear view of the figures. In fact, you will not feel disturbed as the operation is pretty silent and will automatically switch-off whenever the tank is full of water. Also, coming with a light indicator, you are surely not going to miss the alerts.

Key features

  • 67 ounces of moisture is removed each day.
  • No overflow since it cuts power at full tank.
  • Water tank capacity of 3 litres.

3. Keystone Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier – KSTAD70C Keystone Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier - KSTAD70C

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Despite its small size, it can compete with bulkier units when it comes to removing moisture. Surprisingly, it has a huge coverage of 4500 square feet and traps 70 pints of moisture from the surrounding air every day. It has a huge 1.6-gallon water tank that you won’t need to empty for a long time before it fills up. Using it is also effortless with convenient electronic controls and an LED display that shows everything you need to know.

Let’s not forget to mention the 24-hour timer that reminds you to take the necessary actions without delay. However, the best part is its Turbo feature as well as the auto-defrost one.

Key features

  • A warranty period of one year for labour and parts.
  • Doesn’t require any batteries.
  • Plugs into a standard outlet of 110 volts.

2. FociPow 2200 Cubic Feet Portable Mini Dehumidifier for Bathroom & Basements FociPow 2200 Cubic Feet Portable Mini Dehumidifier for Bathroom & Basements

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Being a dehumidifier, it does not only help you to tackle moisture rich spaces but also negates chances of mildew and dust mites. To provide a soothing scent, the dehumidifier eliminates any odour. It has a sophisticated LED display that lets you view the current humidity levels in the room. With its simple controls, you can easily set the humidity of the room to your desired levels, anywhere from 20% to 80%.

Along with double-safety protection, it also promises extreme quiet operation that is way below 40 dB. Finally, it will provide relief to hefty bills as it lowers the consumption of energy. Take this portable whole house dehumidifier at any given location and achieve the best results.

Key features

  • Switches off to protect your device when the tank is full or heat sink caps 80-degree Celsius.
  • Lower carbon footprint and energy requirement.

1. Yaufey 30 Pint Home Dehumidifier with Water Tank & Drain Hose Yaufey 30 Pint Home Dehumidifier with Water Tank & Drain Hose

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What makes this dehumidifier so special? Well, it has a minimalist and modern look that not only dehumidifies your place but also blends in with any kind of home or office decor. 4 gallons or 30 pints of moisture per day can be removed by this humble yet powerful dehumidifier due to its heavy-duty compressor. Just place it in your living space, office or bedroom and it will give you a coverage area of 1500 square feet. Made for matching the overall looks of a modern home, the efficient 24-hour cycle makes it easier for the users.

Furthermore, it has an easy to use control panel that lets you see the setting at which it can be operated easily. It readily shows you the actual humidity percentage and you can even control it with a simple touch. Be it moisture or odour, you do not have to invest much energy as with timer setting, everything becomes less complicated.

Key features

  • Supports both regular and turbo fan speeds.
  • An indicator flasher to alert you when the water tank is full.
  • You get a 2m long drain hose for continuous operation.

Enjoy the freshness of your house as the house dehumidifier system aims at maintaining the moisture level at any cost.

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