Top 10 Best Winter Windshield Snow Covers for Car Reviews In 2020

We all know the damages caused by snow, frost, and ice. Winter is one season where homes experience a lot of damages from the gutters, driveways to the vehicle. Your car’s windshield can easily be damaged if left unprotected during winter. At subzero temperatures, it is recommended that you get the best windshield snow covers. This is the most effective way to protect your car from damage and maintain its quality over time.

In this post, we want to help you choose the best car windshield covers for snow, ice, and frost. We’ve narrowed your search to only ten models that we think rank top. Make sure you read our reviews carefully and select one that best suits your needs and desires.

Table of the Best Auto Windshield Snow Covers

10. Ice King Magnetic Any Car Windshield Cover for Snow

Windshield Snow Covers

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The Ice King Windshield cover is an excellent choice for covering your car from snow, ice and frost. The cover features a magnet that perfectly holds the windshield to the exteriors of the windshield. This helps keep it firmly in place even when the winds are at the peak. It also features security ties and flaps that get tucked into the doors to prevent theft. Overall, this is a universal windshield cover measuring 50 by 70 inches to fit cars and SUV trucks.


  • A universal size that measures 50 by 70 inches
  • Protects against snow, ice, and frost
  • Magnetics on the edges of the exterior to keep the cover in place
  • Security flaps and ties tucked into the doors for safety
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9. BESTTRENDY Windshield Snow Cover and Sun Shade Protector

BESTTRENDY Car Windshield Snow Cover & Sun Shade Protector

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This is another top-notch snow cover that will give your car maximum protection from snow or ice. The cover ensures that you will no longer scrap snows from your windshield with your fingers. You only need to pull it off and have your clean windshield. It is a versatile cover available in two sizes to fit all car types. It is easy to install without the use of tools. Side flaps on the cover help prevent it from falling off. Overall, this is a quality cover made of the high-density material to make it sunproof, waterproof and fire retardant.


  • Versatile and can be used during summer to keep the sun’s ray off
  • High-density material construction
  • Side flaps to firmly secure it against fast winds
  • Available in two sizes of medium and large

8. briteNway Winter Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

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This windshield will save your fuel by ensuring you don’t defrost every morning. It is a perfect fit that will offer maximum protection from snow or ice. The cover helps protect the windshield wipers and wiper fluid from clogging. This way, you don’t have to experience the pain of scraping your windows in the morning. It also features adjustable straps for a custom fit on any vehicle. Overall, this is a quality windshield cover that keeps the interior warm and prevents the formation of ice. The ergonomic design of the cover allows for easy installation, folding and storage.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable straps for a custom fit
  • Heavy-duty materials for durability
  • Folds for compact storage

7. Large Winter Windshield Cover for Snow Fit SUV, Truck & Car 

Car Windshield Cover for Winter Snow Removal

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This is an extra-large size 57 by 74 inches to cover the entire windshield, wiper reservoir, cowl and parts of the hood. It is a great way to offer maximum protection to the front of your car and avoid the morning snow scraping.  The construction of the cover is the DualTech heavy duty material for long-lasting durability. It holds firmly in place even at high winds. It also features a reversible reflective silver to use during the summer making it a versatile buy. Overall, this cover will fit most cars and features a secure guard with a tie system inside the vehicle. It also comes with a storage pouch for storage when not in use.


  • Six magnetic weather lock at the edge of the windshield to keep it in place
  • Reversible reflective silver for use during the summer
  • Snug fit with ties to keep in secure
  • DualTech heavy duty materials construction
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6. MARKSIGN Waterproof Windshield Snow Cover – Protector for Cars

MARKSIGN Windshield Snow Cover, Frost Protector for Cars

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The Marksign is another universal snow cover that fits most vehicles and offers all season protection. The construction of the cover features the ultra-durable 4-layer fabric design for maximum durability. It features an inner cotton layer that protects the car from scratches while the outer aluminium layer helps reflect heat. The cover also perfectly fits with two elastic straps with hooks that firmly attach to the car wheels. The straps help keep the cover in place even at high winds.


  • Two elastic straps with hooks for a firm hold
  • F-layer design for maximum protection and durability
  • All-season protection
  • Durable and heat-resistant

5. A-DUDU Premium Auto Windshield Snow Cover for Winter

A-DUDU Premium Car Windshield Snow Cover

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The A-DUDU car windshield snow cover is another premium quality pick made of a durable waterproof fabric.  The cover helps protect your car windshield from ice and snow on all conditions. It features heavy-duty straps and hooks that hold the cover in place firmly. Elastic hems with hooks hold the cover to the wheels to prevent wind from blowing the cover. This is a universal cover measuring 81 by 73 inches to fit a wide range of vehicles. It also folds easily allowing for storage. The design of the cover ensures it covers the windshield and exterior-rear view mirrors from snow, frost, and ice. The cover can be reversed to use during the summer when temperatures are at maximum high.


  • Extra detailed design to protect the windshield and Rear-exterior view mirrors
  • Universal fit for most vehicles
  • Elastic hem and hooks for a firm hold
  • High-quality and durable material

4. Ice Shield Extra Large Magnetic Windshield Snow & Ice Cover

Ice Shield Extra Large Universal Magnetic Windshield Snow and Ice Cover

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The Ice Shield windshield cover is another excellent choice to give your car maximum protection throughout the winter. It features 13 N52 magnets that help keep the exterior edges firmly held against heavy winds. It also features ties and straps that are tucked into the car doors for added security. This helps prevent against theft. The size of the cover is universal measuring 50 by 70 inches to fit a wide range of vehicles. Overall, this is an easy to fit and remove a cover and one you need to buy with confidence. It comes with 30 days satisfaction guarantee, so there is nothing to lose.


  • Truly universal size measuring 50 by 70 inches
  • 13 powerful N52 magnets to firmly hold the cover in places
  • Ties and straps to prevent against theft
  • Easy to fit and remove
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3. FrostGuard NFL Premium Winter Windshield Cover for Snow

FrostGuard NFL Premium Winter Windshield Cover for Snow

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The NFL windshield snow cover is another top selection that offers protection to the windshield, side view mirrors and wiper blades. The cover is a great way to avoid scraping snow every morning. It protects against snow, ice and frost prolonging the lifespan of your car. The cover is branded NFL and one of the best ways to support your NFL team. It also comes with a quick-dry pouch to store the cover when not in use. The installation process is also easy with elastic straps that give a custom fit. Overall, this is a standard cover measuring 60 by 40 inches ideal for small cars.


  • A standard size of 60 by 40 inches to fit small cars
  • Elastic fit fast straps for a custom fit
  • NFL logo
  • Quick-dry storage pouch

2. MATCC Car Windshield Snow Cover for Ice Removal

MATCC Car Windshield Snow Cover Ice Removal Windshield Protector Sun Shades

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This is an advanced windshield cover made of the high-density PVC material. The cover is waterproof, dustproof, frost-proof, fire retardant and sun-proof. It is a quality cover that will offer maximum protection to your car from all forms of bad weather. The cover features a thick dual-layer design that blocks UV rays while preventing the car interior from heating. It also keeps snow and ice off during the winter season preventing the morning snow scraping. Overall, this is a highly recommended cover with easy installation.


  • Thick dual layer design for all-season protection
  • Secure side flaps to hold the cover firmly
  • Block UV rays
  • Easy installation process

1. Big Ant Car Windshield Cover for All Cars

Big Ant Windshield Snow Cover, Magnetic Elastic Hooks Fixed Four Wheels & Reflective Warning Bar

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The Big Ant windshield snow cover comes with four pieces of elastic hooks to fit into the wheels and firmly secure the cover. This helps reduce the risks of wind blowing away the cover. It is a pretty large size cover measuring 100 by 58.7 inches for complete coverage of the windshield. Further elastic ties are tucked into the doors to prevent theft. Overall, the Big Ant windshield snow cover is an excellent choice to consider buying this year. It is great for any car model and one you can buy with confidence today.


  • Hook designs fixed on four wheels
  • Elastic ties tucked into the doors for added security
  • Large 100 by 58.7 inches
  • Reflective warning on mirror covers


These are currently the best windshield covers for snow on the market to give your car maximum protection from snow, ice and frost. The covers hold firms are secure to the door and wheel to prevent theft. They are highly rated and offer excellent value for your money. Make sure your car windshield is protected by getting one of these today.

One thought on “Top 10 Best Winter Windshield Snow Covers for Car Reviews In 2020

  1. iceScreen Magnetic Windshield Frost & Snow Cover, Standard Large

    Ensure the total protection of your car when the weather is chilly and cold. This magnetic windshield cover can be easily attached to your car with the use of magnets. In a matter of seconds, you can shield your car from snow and ice by using this cover. In addition, there are storage pockets included, and these function as an anti-theft component to protect your vehicle from danger. When not in use, the cover can be put away and stored easily. Most importantly, this cover has a scratch-resistant and anti-mildew material, which makes it last for a longer period.

    Cutequeen Trading 1pcs Polyester Car Snow Cover with Storage Pouch

    Measuring 61 x 57 x 25 inches, this snow cover by Cutequeen is suitable for use on your SUV, truck and car. It can be fixed securely on your car wheels, and there is a storage pouch that comes along with this product. For maximum durability, this cover is made of polyester material that is water-resistant, as well. One side of the cover is made of cotton while the other is waterproof. It even functions as a blanket, which helps prevent scraping or brushing away snow from the windshield. Hence, make it a point to rely on one of the leading brands of windshield snow cover by choosing Cutequeen for your needs.

    Motor Trend Automotive Frost Guard by Delk Products, Inc

    Measuring 61 x 32 inches, this windshield ice and snow cover by Delk Products, Inc. is an item you can count on for protection of your car’s windshield when the climate hits subzero. You can easily secure the cover to your right and left side-view mirrors, and this can be done by attaching the elastic straps to their proper places. This product can even fit most types of vehicles, and this gives your car total protection from water, moist and frost. After use, all you need to do is to fold the cover neatly and place it in a storage bag that comes with this item.

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