Top 10 Best Bamboo and Wooden Shoe Racks Reviews In 2020

Your home is how you dress it up. It reflects your personality and the way you like fashion. To ensure, your guests like the décor you have used at your space, you need to have some modern looking furniture at your home. The importance of wardrobe and bed is very important but a bad shoe rack can bring down the impression by great margins. If you are willing to get hold of a beautifully designed and functional wooden shoe racks, we have the best choices for you.

The guide on wooden shoe racks is going to meet your needs in the best possible way. Have a look at the choices and find yourself the most amazing shoe rack that you wish to have.

Table of the Best Wooden Shoe Racks Reviews

10. Soges 5-Tier  Wooden Shoe Racks – Wood Shoe Storage Shelf Organizer

Wooden Shoe Racks

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Furniture makes our home beautiful. No matter how beautifully you have designed the interior décor if the house lacks some good and well-designed furniture, the spark is not the same. From bed to couch, every single furniture has high utility in terms of function and aesthetics. Likewise, this wooden shoe organizer is one of the very best choices that you can include in your home. Made using thickened laminated wood panel, the durability and reliability are top-notch in every sense. In addition to that, it has a high-glossy finish that readily appeals to the eyes.

Also, the same finish makes this rack completely safe against risks of scratching and water damage amazingly. Now you can make your hobby of shoe collection much more organized and well-planned as you will have a dedicated space to keep your collection. As the rack itself looks very appealing, you can even use it to showcase your shoes as well.

Key features:

  • Roomy shoe rack with a 5-tier design for keeping 15-20 pairs of shoes.
  • Has a top drawer to keep small items more securely.
  • Width is quite narrow, allowing it to be placed more easily.

9. Oceanstar 2-Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Rack

Oceanstar 2-Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Rack

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A unique looking wooden stackable shoe rack that has a very minimalistic approach in terms of the design and finishes, this rack looks very appealing in every sense. Although it adopts a minimalistic and modern design to it, the space is quite big to keep around 6 pair of shoes perfectly.

This is a 2-tier shoe rack, meaning you will always have good space to keep the shoes organized. One of the most amazing features of this rack is its ease of assembly. It demands no added struggle and effort when you are setting it up in your home. Along with that, the overall shape and design are quite compact, making it much easier to add in any given space of your house.

Key features:

  • Rounded handles on both sides look beautiful and make it easy to carry around.
  • Rounded edge prevents happening of any accidents.
  • Tier has a slatted design that improves the overall air-circulation.

8. Jerry & Maggie Wooden Shoe Racks with Drawer – Rack Shoe Storage Shelves

Jerry & Maggie Wood Shoe Racks with Drawer

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If you are willing to include a beautifully designed wooden shoe rack with drawer for your beautiful home, you ought to see this. Designed and manufactured by Jerry & Maggie, the overall looks and feel of this rack are quite extraordinary by all means. It brings out a natural wood tone and the rack is finished with a smooth surface; the piece looks very modern and classy in every home. It is a freestanding rack that can accommodate a good number of shoes, stand stable, and always function just the way you like it.

On the top, you will get a dedicated space to keep a lot of important things like everyday books, bags, etc. Furthermore, this rack is capable of doing much more than safe-keeping of your shoes. The innovatively designed hook on the side rewards you with extra pace to hang umbrellas and other necessary items better.

Key features:

  • Has a very useful and spacious 5-tier design for organizing of larger number of shoes.
  • Attractive looking fashion knob is of high-end quality and very strong.
  • Equipped with an extra hook where you can coat and other important things.

7. SONGMICS 6-Tier Wood Shoe Racks for Kitchen Living Room Closet

SONGMICS 6-Tier Wood Shoe Racks for Kitchen Living Room Closet

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If you are looking for a bamboo wooden shoe rack that has more utility and functionality than just keeping shoes, this is a good choice. It is a multi-functional rack that has been constructed using great quality materials so that you never have to compromise with the quality and reliability. Constructed using environment-friendly yet sturdy and strong MDF board, this shoe rack has a high weight-bearing capacity and impressive workability.

Also, it has a very flexible design so that you can double this rack for keeping plants, baskets, etc. In addition to that, this is a 6-tier wooden shoe rack that will provide you with ample storage room for the keeping of a significant number of shoes in one single place.

Key features:

  • The top portion has a couple of hollowed out handles so that you can move the shoe rack with ease.
  • Screw holes are sunken and corners are rounded to prevent occurring of any damages or injuries.
  • Can be broken down into two 3-tier shoe racks for more convenience.

6. Sogesfurniture Free Standing Wooden Shoe Storage Shelf Organizer

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Bring home a stylish free-standing wooden shoe rack that will elevate the overall décor and appeal of your interior by great margins. This is designed to be perfectly suited for modern style homes and complement the various type of interior decors easily. Although you will get enough room for storage of shoes, the overall shape and styling are quite compact suited for homes with a space crunch.

The 5-tier design is an added benefit to ensure that even if you have a large number of shoes, you can do that with ease. A total of 20 pairs of shoes can be accommodated in one single rack and never look messy or unorganized ever. The package includes all the necessary hardware, tools, and instructions you will require during the installation process, thereby making the set-up much easier and convenient.

Key features:

  • The flip-top design is quite innovative where you can keep nifty things like keys, mails, etc.
  • Thickened and laminated wood used in the construction makes it very durable and sturdy.
  • Has an extra organizer where you can keep hats, umbrellas, and keys.

5. BirdRock Home Free Standing Wooden Shoe Rack

BirdRock Home Free Standing Wooden Shoe Rack

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From the house of Birdrock Home, this shoe rack is not your regular looking rack but has high-end workability in every sense. If you have been looking for an efficient yet stylish option for organizing your shoes, this is a great choice to make.

Constructed using bamboo, the overall strength and sturdiness of the rack are at par excellent. Moreover, bamboo is natural, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and also free from harmful agents like BPA and toxin that can cause great damage health-wise.

Key features:

  • Shelves have an open slat design so that air-flow is never compromised and odour is never created.
  • Roomy enough to hold as many as 9 pairs of shoes.
  • Smartly designed handles on both sides allow you to move it around easily.

4. MyGift Country Rustic Storage Wooden Shoe Racks

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This is your classic looking shoe rack that has a vintage and timeless finish to it. If you are into furniture that looks straight out of the past, this is a perfect choice by all means. A very country-style approach in the design gives it the much-needed rustic torchwood design.

No matter where you keep it, this shoe rack will look extremely elegant in every corner of office or home. Furthermore, the rack is constructed using premium quality wood. Therefore, you have no room for compromise when it comes to durability and builds quality.

Key features:

  • Curved and decorative top handle provide both great looks and convenience of portability.
  • Have a total of 4 tiers for the keeping of shoes more organized and clean.
  • Tier shelves have slatted panels for great air-flow, thus keeping your shoes fresher.

3. Homfa Bamboo Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer

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A supremely constructed using 100% natural bamboo, this strong and durable shoe rack also takes care of the environment while providing you with space for keeping shoes. Capable of doing much more than keeping just shoes, you can set it up at any given place at your home. Plus, use it for organizing different things.

The classy black finish looks very elegant to the eyes. In fact, makes it a perfect addition for homes that have beautifully styled interior décor. As it has a 5-tier design, you will have a great amount of room for organizing the shoes.

Key features:

  • The shoe rack is very easy to assemble. It can be done without any help from an extra pair of hands.
  • The smooth surface provides you with the convenience of easy cleaning while ensuring no damage or accidents.
  • Two hollow handles for moving it around if needed.

2. Furinno FNCJ-33005 Pine Solid Wooden Shoe Racks

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To make your home or workspace look more beautiful, get this well-designed and fashioned shoe rack from Furinho. Featuring a very simplistic styling and design, this is well-suited for versatile applications. Therefore, can be used in all kinds of rooms. One of the best things about this rack is its quality of construction.

The solid pine wood construction finished with lacquer, you are getting a rack that is extremely durable, strong, sturdy, and also very reliable by all means.

Key features:

  • Useful 4-tier construction for added space of storage.
  • Package includes the necessary instruction you require for assembling.
  • Free from harsh chemicals and foul smell.

1. Tangkula 5-Tier Wooden Shoe Tower Cabinet

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Sitting at the top, this shoe rack is going to be an ideal addition at your home or work so that your space looks beautiful and functions even better. Constructed using the finest quality of solid wood, the durability and bearing capacity is unmatched on this rack. In addition to that, the overall design is quite marvellous. As a result, will readily enhance the décor of the space surrounding it.

The total number of 5 racks rewards you with ample storage space for all you and your family’s shoes. No more of seeing the shoes lying here and there. Now you can organize every different shoe at one single place for great convenience.

Key features:

  • Innovative side stretcher gives you added space to hand 6 shoes.
  • A couple of handles on the top for ease of manoeuvrability when needed.

Shoe racks are essential to every household. They not only help you to keep the shoes arranged but also add to the decor of your house. So, buy the best shoe racks that will complement the look of your house.

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