Best Women’s Yoga Shorts | Running Shorts Reviews

During yoga or any other workout, it is important to have a good fit. For that reason, you can feel more confident in yourself and complete your target for the day. But tummy bulges and shorts riding up during a bit of extra movement is distracting and makes you lose efficiency. Thus, yoga shorts for women and men help to hide the tummy while yoga sessions and boosts your confidence. It fits nicely in your curves and gives all the comfort.

Given the chance to gain knowledge about products, one should take a second opinion before buying. The yoga shorts buying guide will give helpful insights that will benefit.

Table of the Best Yoga Shorts Reviews

10. Baleaf Women’s Yoga Shorts for Running

Yoga Shorts

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Baleaf presents you high quality and comfy workout yoga shorts which are designed to let you do your exercises unhindered. It has a high waistband designed which goes well above your waist. As a result, stays there even during the most difficult stretches. It is wide enough to eliminate the creation of muffin top and lets you do your fitness routine unhindered.

If seams come together from four directions and meet at the crotch it can create uncomfort. Moreover, it doesn’t let you really stretch or move that well. So the shorts rather have a crotch gusset which prevents that problem. Workouts like power yoga are really intense and sweaty. The short has a fabric with moisture-absorbing properties. Therefore, you are always dry.

Key features:

  • Seams are indeed sewn in an ingenious way to compliment the shape of your body.
  • Made from a combination of spandex, cotton and polyester material.
  • Nicely hugs your skin and is breathable in nature.

9. ODODOS High Waist Yoga Shorts for Workout Running Athletic 

ODODOS High Waist Yoga Shorts for Workout Running Athletic 

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Ododos has created this high-waist yoga short from a breathable and stretchable fabric of high-quality. It has moisture-wicking features to keep you dry while you are sweating during intense workout sessions. The stretchable nature is also impressive enough. Therefore, it certainly gives you freedom of movement while you are running, bending or stretching.

Instead of being a blockade in your way the fabric hugs you in an ergonomic fit. Thus, looks brilliant on your body. Furthermore, it will also keep your muscles warm. Therefore, you can reap great benefits from your routine.

Key features:

  • It has an outer pocket which is large enough for your smartphone or keys.
  • Features flatlock seams that prevent chafing and have thread bands that are rather interlocked together.
  • High and wide waistband keeps the tummy in control.

8. Amazon Brand Women’s ‘Spectrum’ High Waist Yoga Booty Short

Amazon Brand Women's 'Spectrum' High Waist Yoga Booty Short

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Core10 is an Amazon brand that is dedicated to empowering women with the best athletic wear for bringing out maximum potential. So you can push yourself through every mile covered, plank, and asana you can push yourself even further. Since they are an Amazing brand they offer you the greatest quality shorts at a reasonable price.

The fabric used in these shorts is made from a blend of 3 parts polyester and one part elastane. So they are not just stretchable, but ridiculously soft and as a matter of fact, even gentle on your skin. You won’t get any rashes or abrasions while wearing them. Above all, they indeed cover minimal area so that you can do your movements in an unrestricted fashion.

Key features:

  • Integrated pocket at the waistband certainly lets you keep your phone.
  • Extremely short inseam at just 3-inches.
  • Available in plus sizes as well.

7. TYUIO Women’s High Waist Yoga Shorts – Gym Workout Short Pant 

Gym Workout Short Pant 

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TYUIO always tries to innovate. Thus, brings you some of the best apparels that can bear the brunt of the most hardcore workouts. These shorts from the brand doesn’t disappoint either with its technical design and 4-way stretchable feature. So no matter what kind of routine you have, the shorts comfortably stretch and accommodates along with your posture.

However, breathable yoga shorts wouldn’t allow bacteria formation due to material choice. It is made from a fabric that is created by combining polyester and spandex. Spandex imbues it with stretchable nature while polyester certainly acts as a good moisture wicking agent. But unlike cotton, it doesn’t rot with sweat accumulation and provides you with reliable performance.

Key features:

  • Highly durable and gentle on your skin since the fabric fibres are super fine.
  • No skin irritation due to flatlock sewing.
  • On either side, you indeed get two pockets for keeping your essentials.

6. Oalka Women’s High Waist Workout Running Shorts

Oalka Women's High Waist Workout Running Shorts

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With these shorts from Oalka, you get superior tummy control and style without any embarrassing muffin top. Unlike other stretchable yoga shorts which shrink after a few washes, this is resilient and tough enough to prevent that. Next, it is also made from a material which can quickly wick away moisture and keeps you cool.

But even if you are shedding a lot of sweat due to a high-intensity workout, the material remains see-through. No need to hood back, you can perform at full potential without being extra cautious about translucency or abrasion. In addition to that, it even has pockets which are extra deep at 6.3-inches. Above all, even the Samsung S10 or the iPhone X indeed fit nicely without any problems.

Key features:

  • Length if the shorts and inseam are optimally designed to prevent them from riding up.
  • Gusset at the crotch has a triangular shape so that you can move freely.
  • The curved back design rather makes for a more streamlined fit.

5. TSLA Women’s Bike Running Yoga Shorts 

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TSLA has made a pair of yoga shorts that takes fitting problems more into account to give you a comprehensive solution. It indeed has a high waist design which means you get a slim fit. Next is streamlined along your body. Besides, the material is stretchable enough to keep up with your flexible leg muscles.

Other than moisture wicking it is also breathable. Finally, it increases air circulation via the mesh on the sides. It helps you to keep cool and dry throughout your exercise

Key features:

  • Lightweight and comfy, super soft on your delicate skin.
  • Seams have flatlock design; as a result, don’t cause any irritation to the skin.
  • The hidden pocket which can hold daily use items like phone or credit cards.

4. Cadmus Women’s High Waist Stretch Running Workout Shorts

Cadmus Women's High Waist Stretch Running Workout Shorts

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If you get shorts with regular seams, then during tough workouts, the sweat along with friction can make the seams leave a bad rash on your skin. To prevent that, Carmis uses revolutionary flatlock sewing. This technique certainly uses machine stitching to bring two raw edges together without any layers at the underside. Therefore, no extra bulk fabric would be rubbing against your skin.

Moreover, these shorts are made from an opaque material. So you don’t have to stay conscious all the time while doing your asanas. At the thick wide high rise waistband, you also get a hidden pocket to put your smartphone. In conclusion, just put the music on, plug the earphones and have an intense calorie-burning workout.

Key features:

  • You get a total of 3 shorts in three different colours.
  • Indeed provides exceptional tummy control.
  • Affordable and high price to performance ratio.

3. Custer’s Night Workout Running Stretch Yoga Leggings

Custer's Night Workout Running Stretch Yoga Leggings

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Made from combining polyester, spandex and nylon fibres, these shorts from Custer’s are very unique. In fact, it is highly reliable for your yoga practice. Since it uses spandex and nylon along with polyester, you don’t get the bulk that 100 percent polyester shorts offer. Furthermore, it is so lightweight and soft that you would feel like you are floating in the water.

It also has a 4-way stretch which means it can expand both lengthwise and widthwise. Thus, no matter what posture you take, it can always expand to let you break through your limits. With the triangular gusset, you won’t be limited either. Lastly, bend and move all you want without worrying about rips.

Key features:

  • As you shed more calories and inches, the elastic waistband automatically adjusts itself.
  • Two side pockets rather for your cards and phone.
  • Secret pocket at the waistband for keeping small essential items like keys.

2. KNEEDARKYEAR Women’s Athletic Yoga Shorts

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Kneedarkyear has crafted their shorts from spandex. Hence, gives it immense stretchable nature and polyamide made from polyamide monomers. So your shorts have a silky feel on your skin and touch enough to handle a lot of rough use.

Due to the polyamide fibres, you also get high moisture-wicking properties. Next, the shorts are manufactured thin without compromising strength. You get a super lightweight pair of shorts that, as a matter of fact, give you extreme freedom of movement. Finally, the waistband is rather elastic and can stretch with your waist if you lose or gain a few inches.

Key features:

  • Super short inseam for better range of motion.
  • Available in a lot of attractive colours and sizes.

1. 90 Degree By Reflex – High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts with Side Pocket

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You get an excellent pair of yoga shorts made from nylon and spandex fibres. Thus, you get a flawless stretch on all sides and experience unhindered movement. They are so comfortable and soft. That’s why you don’t even feel their weight while you are doing your jumping jacks, planks, asanas or other exercises.

You certainly get a waistband which is functional and stylish. However, it gives you a slim look with unmatched tummy control and ergonomic enough to fit perfectly to your body. Overall, it has ample compression and covers a lot of areas to show a flat tummy.

Key features:

  • Stitching is indeed interlinked to eliminate bulk layers at the inner side of the garment.
  • Two pockets at the front for your smartphone and a hidden pocket at the back of your stretchy waistband.

Do your yoga sessions in utmost comfort. The soft yoga shorts will eliminate any sort of uneasiness.